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illustration for 'thothel' ('mouth')



Thóthel is the Halq’eméylem word for ‘mouth’. You can use it to talk about both human and animal mouths, and it’s another good word for TPR. …


Thóthel sounds like THAW-thull.

Audio: Vivian Williams


Here are some examples of how you can use thóthel:

  • Tesachsem la te’ thóthel!Touch your mouth!
  • Motest te’ thóthel! Point to your mouth!
  • Hikw te thóthels tútl’o! –  He has a big mouth!

Plural Form

If you want to say the mouths, you can just say ye thóthel.  There is no special plural form for thóthel.

Related Words

Many other words related to mouth contain -othel (which may also appear as –ó:thel, -oythel, or -ethel). For example:

  • sqwiqweyó:theljack-rabbit (literally ‘little hole in the mouth’)
  • qw’emó:thelfishing with hook (literally ‘u-shape in the mouth’)
  • sq’éplò:thelflying squirrel (literally ‘cover on the mouth’)
  • po:yethelto have a twisted mouth (literally ‘bent in the mouth
  • t’ekwó:ythí:lemshut one’s mouth

(The word for close one’s mouth is xaq’em, which is unrelated.)

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