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illustration for coho salmon

coho salmon

Kwōxweth is the Halq’eméylem word for ‘coho salmon’.


  • Kwōxweth sounds like KWOE-shwuth, except that instead of a sh the second part of the word starts with the Halq’eméylem soft-xw.
  • To make the soft-x, you touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and create soft friction. In this word, the x is ’rounded’ (xw), meaning your lips stick out slightly as you say the x.
  • See here for more information about making the soft-x.

Audio: Elizabeth Herrling, Elizabeth Phillips

Plural Form

As with many words in the language, the Elders do not have a special plural form for kwōxweth.

If you want to talk about cohos (plural), you can say ye kwōxweththe cohos (ye means the or a, and you use it only with plurals).

Related words

Here are some words related to kwōxweth:

  • Kwōxwethtelcoho net (the -tel ending marks tools and devices)
  • Temkwōxwethcoho time- August – September

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