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Illustration for 'He's jealous of him'

He’s jealous of him.

Though it’s just one word, Wowistéleqmetes. is a complete sentence.  It means ‘He is jealous of him’.

Both the subject (‘he‘) and the object (‘him‘) are not explicitly stated. You have to infer who the subject and object are from the context of the story.

Vocabulary and pronunciation

  • Wowistéleqmetes sounds like wow-wee-STULL-uck-mitt-uss, except that you say the Halq’eméylem q sound, not a regular k.
  • To make the q sound, you touch the back of your tongue back to your uvula.

Audio: Elizabeth Herrling

Structure of the sentence

Wowistéleqmetes is based on wowistéleqmet (‘jealous of)’, in turn based on wowistéleq (‘jealous‘).

The sentence has the following structure:


As noted above, both the subject (‘he‘) and the object (‘him‘) are both just understood from context.

The –es ending marks that some ‘third person’ (not you or me) is the subject.  In this case, the third person subject is the understood he.

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