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…il totí:lt

Illustration for '...that I was thining of'

…that I was thinking of

…il totí:lt is a partial sentence, meaning ‘…that I was thinking of’.


  • i – this has no direct translation into English, this is a ‘helper’ verb (what linguists call an ‘auxiliary’ verb), whose function appears to be just to hold the ending listed in the next item
  • -l – in this context, the –l ending means I. There are other words for I, but this –l ending is what you use in this particular structure
  • totí:ltthinking of

Audio: Elizabeth Herrling


The structure of this phrase is as follows:


As noted above, the ‘auxilary’ verb i does not have any clear meaning, but functions to hold the ending –l, which in this structure is how you say ‘I‘.

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