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illustration for 'crazy'


Shxwóxwth’ is the Halq’eméylem word for ‘crazy‘.


Shxwóxwth’ sounds like sh-WASH-ts, except that:

  • There  is a rounded soft-x sound after the first sh, making shxw
  • Rather than WASH you actually say WAXW, with another soft-x sound
  • And there is a catch in the throat (‘glottal stop’) at the end of the word

Audio: Elizabeth Herrling

Related words

Shxwóxwth’ is related to these words:

  • xwáth’emto rock back and forth, to teeter
  • xwixweth’aletstelrocking chair
  • xwó:xwth’temsexy (literally ‘get rocking‘ or ‘get crazy‘)

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