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Kw’íy means ‘to climb, to rise up’.

It can refer to a deliberate action of climbing up (Lalh kw’íy!‘Go climb!’), and also to an inanimate thing rising up, such as the tide (Me kw’ekw’í te qó: – ‘The water is rising’).

This word is also spelled kw’í.

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Kw’íy sounds like KWEE, except that the kw sound is also popped, by combining it with a catch in the throat (glottal stop).

Audio: Elizabeth Herrling, Elizabeth Phillips

-ing form

Kw’íy has a special –ing form , to describe an ongoing action, like this: kw’ekw’íclimbing, rising (audio here).

This type of verb makes its –ing form by doubling (‘reduplicating’) the first part of the word.

Related words

Kw’íy is related to a number of other words, including:

  • Skw’iytelladder (literally ‘tool for climbing’)
  • Kw’iyeqelclimb a mountain (the -qel ending here marks ‘…a cliff’; it can also mean ‘of the throat’)
  • Kw’ekw’íythettraining (lit. ‘raising oneself up’, the idea being that in spiritual and physical training, you are raising yourself up)
  • Kw’íyles, kw’eyles – (be) Spring (lit. ‘period when things rise up’)
  • Temkw’eylesSpringtime (lit. ‘time when things rise up’)

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