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Yewál kw’as la kw’íyeqel lam te smámelet

Illustration for 'first you climb to the mountain'

Yewál kw’as la kw’íyeqel lam te smámelet means ‘First you climb to the mountains‘.


Audio: Elizabeth Herrling

Vocabulary and Structure

This phrase has the following structure:

Illustration showing structure for 'first you climb to the mountains'


  • Yewálfirst
  • Kw’as(that) you, (it is that) you
  • Kw’íyto climb, to rise up
  • Kw’íyeqelto mountain climb, rock climb
  • La – ‘auxiliary’ verb, often untranslatable, associated with the meaning ‘go‘ (probably a reduced form of lam, see next point)
  • Lam – often means go, but here translates as to, as in to the mountains.
  • Tethe
  • Smámeletmountain(s) (also means ‘small rock, little rock‘)

Note: kw’as literally means ‘that you’, but in this case it translates just as ‘you‘.

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