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illustration for 'other, different, strange'

Láts’ means ‘other, different’. You can also use it for ‘foreign’, or ‘strange’.


Láts’ sounds like LATTS, except that there is a glottal stop (catch in the throat) sound at the end of the word.

Audio: Elizabeth Herrling, Elizabeth Phillips

Related words

Láts’ is the base for a number of other words, including:

  • xwléts’eqeldifferent language, foreign language – The -(e)qel ending is literally ‘throat‘, it marks languages; the xw– prefix is not really translatable, but can mean something like ‘always‘.
  • láts’ewtxwanother building/room, a different building/room – The –awtxw ending marks rooms and buildings.
  • lelts’ó:mexto look different –  The –ó:mex ending marks how things look, appearances.


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