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Illustration for 'eystexw' - 'to like it'

Eystexw means ‘to like (it)’, or ‘to enjoy it’.

You use it to talke about liking something specific, e.g. Tsel éystexw te slhop‘I like the soup’.


Eystexw sounds like EH-stoock, except that instead of a k at the end you say the Halq’emeylem soft-x. In this case the soft-x also has lip rounding (xw).

Audio: Elizabeth Herrling, Elizabeth Phillips

Root and structure

Eystexw comes from the base word éygood.

The -stexw ending often translates as ’cause to (be)’. But the –stexw ending also appears on some other words that describe emotional states (e.g. qélstexw – to hate).

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