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Illustration for 'wood carving knife'

Xepá:ltel is the word for a ‘wood carving knife’.


Xepá:ltel sounds hih PALL till, except that instead of an /h/ the first sound is the Halq’eméylem soft-x. You make the soft-x by touching your tongue lightly to the roof of your mouth.

Audio: Elizabeth Phillips

Related words

Xepá:ltel comes from the root xíp.

Xíp does not appear as a word by itself, but it and related form appear in many words related to carving and planing, including:

  • xípetplane it, trim it, taper it (of wood)
  • xepólstpeel it (you use this to talk about peeling round fruits and vegetables; the -ols ending is used with round objects)
  • xepqstsharpen it (the -qs ending refers to a point or a nose)

The –tel ending in xepá:ltel marks tools and devices.

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