Yewál sqwá:l
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Kwéleches 2
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Ta' sqwálewel
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Xwe'it te swayel
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Tel sewólwem lálem
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Ye th'ó:kws se'wíwes
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A'álthel lets'e
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Kw'ókw'exwels Tewátes
ewó:lom léts'e
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Audio Halq'eméylem English
ey látelh good morning
Olu hith kw'els qwelh kw'etslóme I haven't seen you in a long time
Lichxw kwa o ey o teléwe? How have you been?
Litsel we ey ó. I am well.
Li, mitlh emét. Fine, come sit down.
Tset álhtel, mitlh q'óthet. We are eating a meal, come and join us.
Á'a' yalh yexw kw'as hoy. Yes, thank you.
Li éyo ye mámele? How are the children?
Qes te' mamele, li éyo? And how are your children?
mitlh kwetxwílem come in
Li éyo ye selsíle? How are your grandparents?
Ey twa iyólem kw'els lam. I better go now.
Ey kw'else kw'etslóme. It was good to see you.
Qelats chexw o me kwetxwílem. Come and see me again.
Eytselcha, etselcha ew mi. I will, I will come.
Tsíxwmethóyx qelats chexw o me kw'átsthóyx. Please come again to see me.
Xyólhmethet chexw. Take care of yourself.

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