yewál sqwá:l
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Kwéleches 2
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Ta' sqwálewel
Your feelings
Xwe'it te swayel
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Audio Halq’eméylem English
kw'á:y get hungry
lheq'elómet to know yourself
shxwewxiyós wide awake
éy good
xwoyí:wel happy
yékw'es busy
méq' be full (from eating)
lexwsí:si always scared
ts'íwel bored
tsíts’ewel bored
x̲lhém tired
ítetem sleepy
t'át'eyeq' mad, angry
st'á:yx̲w sad, worried

Audio Halq’eméylem English
lí chexw we éyo tl'ówayel How are you today?
ílh tsel q'oq'éy I was sick
óh, ts'átsel tsel ew x̱wlhém/st'áyxw/xwoyíwel Oh I am very tired/sad/happy...
tsel we éy o I am fine

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Feelings-practise A handout to practise terms about feelings Preview Download
Feelings-practise Powerpoint a hidden picture power point- touch the tiles in presentation mode to reveal the word Preview Download
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