yewál sqwá:l
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Kwéleches 2
Ta' sqwálewel
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Xwe'it te swayel
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Audio Halq’eméylem English
siyáye friend
éystexw to like (it)
íwestéleq teacher
máyt to help (him/her)
tó:lt to learn (it)
skwíx name
siyá:m chief, respected leader
telí from
álex sibling
tl'ó it is, he is, she is
yó:ys to work
shxwewáli parents
mamí:yt helping (him/her)
totí:lt learning it, learning something
sq'eq'ó being together with, along with, included
yóyes working, be working

Audio Halq’eméylem English
Tl'ó tel shxwewáli These are my parents.
Telí te __________ He/She is from_____
Tl'ó thel tá:l, ___ te skwíxs This is my mother, her name is____.
Tl'o síyam íwesteleq te/the _____ This is a respected teacher______
teli tsel kw'e (te)____. I am from ___.
Tl'o thel siyá:ye ____ . This is my friend ____. (Teqwótenot)
Síyam siyólexwe tl'o te/the____. The respected Elder here is ____.
Tl'o tel álex ____ This is my (male) sibling____(Powan).
Telí te _________ yutl'óle They are from____.

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