yewál sqwá:l
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Kwéleches 2
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Ta' sqwálewel
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Xwe'it te swayel
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Audio Halq’eméylem English
éy good
máyt to help (him/her)
á:'a yes
te'íle this , this one, this thing here (speaker holding it)
á'á'áwelh you are welcome
thét to say it
stám what
te'í this
tethá that
málqeles to forget (it)
éwe no
léwe you sg. (predicative)
ts'áts'el very
hilékw get ready
slhq'él:exw knowledge, knowing (it)
hóy be finished, be done
qelát more, again
th'íx̲w please

Audio Halq’eméylem English
éweta slheq'élexw I don't know
hílékwtset We are ready
xwetelqethóyx repeat after me
éwe lís ___ thethá That is not a____.
kw'ás hó:y thank you
xwe'ít kw'ás thét ___? How do you say ___?
málqelestsel I forget
máythóx help me
xwi léwas It's your turn.

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