Spáth qes te Slílk'yap
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Receiving a xwélmexw name
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-- How the Robin got his red breast
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Tháyem te Léx̲wtel
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How the chipmunk got its stripes
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Yeláwel éy
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Létse
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Isá:le
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Lhí:xw
Weather 3
Xwe'ít te swáyel X̲eó'thel
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Xwe'it te swayel Lhq'á:tses
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Ye Spipáth
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Lhíxw
Listen to the elder Ts'áts'elex̱wot

Xwe'ít te swáyel Lhíxw

íti kw'ses ulh mi... ulh mi qelqéyl te swáyel
(it is) here that-it (is) starting to (turn) very/bad the day (sky).
Here it shows that the weather is going to turn bad.
Tl'o cha kw'e ew me o yíq x̱ét'e te swíyeqe
It will (be) that-it again comes (to) snow, said the man
The man says it looks like it's gonna snow.
Su kw'ókw'etsetes te swáyel qesu thét: "o, ulh me yíyeq"
So (he) looked at the sky and so (he) said ‘oh it is starting to snow’.
He was looking at the weather, and he says 'Oh, it's starting to snow
Osu la ts'ímel lá:t qesu la ses ulh lalát
o was going to (get) nearly night and so went it (to) be already night
It was pretty near evening, it turned dark.
Osu ulh me tímethet te syíyeq
So (it) started (to) try.hard the snow
And the snow was coming down hard.
Su tés te hoy texwswáyel qesu ses ulh léy lalát qesu osu me píwetem te máqa.
So (it) approached the finish (of) afternoon, and so it is already (was) towards the evening and so (it) came (to) freeze the snow.
Towards evening the snow started to freeze

Audio Halq’eméylem English
qél bad
qelqéyl to get destroyed, to turn bad, to get dirty/spoiled
swáyel day, sky, weather
x̲et'e be saying, say
yíq to snow
swí:qe man, male (creature or plant)
tímet do it harder
máqa snow (on ground)
yíyeq be snowing
thét to say it
kw'ókw'etset looking at it
píwet freeze (it)
hó:yt to finish (it)
lá:t to become night, get dark
texwswáyel midday, noon
tés to approach, get to
ts'ímel get close to, approach, nearly

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