Spáth qes te Slílk'yap
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Receiving a xwélmexw name
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How the Robin got his red breast
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Tháyem te Léx̲wtel
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How the chipmunk got its stripes
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Yeláwel éy
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Létse
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Isá:le
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Lhí:xw
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Xwe'ít te swáyel X̲eó'thel
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Xwe'it te swayel Lhq'á:tses
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Ye Spipáth
Baby Bears
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Tháyem te seplíl
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Ye Spipáth

Li kw'e shxwe'is kw'e sq'eq'élems ye... yoyes, li kw'e Qwols Qo, li kw'etha kw'e statset.
Where we used to stay, up in Harrison lake, it's a logging camp.
O tl'o qe se tu tatel lets'e swayel, osu xwe'i i:mex te... swiyeqe, osu me... mi kwelates te emémel spath.
We were at home one day, a man came walking into camp, packing two little bears.
Ats'el emémel yutl'lolem.
They were real small.
Ikw'etem the tals
Their mother must have discarded them
Os elh e me t'ekw'stexwes. O kwa su tl'os talhimelh xolhémet yutl'olem.
So he took them home. So WE had to look after them.
Osu eystexwes kw'es iwolemstexwes te sta:xwelh tutl'o ememel spath
The little bears liked playing with the children.
Osu tu ewetes kw'es ste'astexwtset kw'es alhtelestexwtset yutl'lolem, Skw'a:y kw'es qoqes li te lepot.
We didn't know how to feed them. They can't drink from a cup.
O qe se tu la tssat te lolts'e... lolts'e xwelitem le kwutes kw'e shxwelamalas ye... qoqestemet ye melumesmes...
So I sent one man to get some calf-milk bottles ..
...e kw'e e it hokwex... hokwex kw'es ilhtelestexwtset yutl'etl'elom.
..which we used to feed the little things
Osu tu xwe la me o tl'eltl'el yutl'olem kw'es is te shxwe'itset.
They just got used to staying with us.
Losu tl'o xwe i tl'o te sta:xwelh stl'ils kw'es iwolems.
They just liked to play with the kids.
Osu eystexwes yutl'etl'elom kw'es, thel seltl'o, thel mimele, th'oth'eq'wetes te slex̲xels. Osu li tetha kw'es iwolems wiyoth.
They liked to suck on my eldest daughter's toes. They were always playing there.
O se tu la qelqélexw kw'ses ulh me tu xwa hikw yut'lolem.
We didn't like them anymore 'cause they were getting too bossy.
O se tu atl'qeylt, atl'qeylt xwelaltes leq se lo stl'eltl'el kw'es lis e kwe' s'atl'q.
We put them outside so they could get used to it.
Osu kwekwcham yutl'olem, tl'is kw'es mis kwetxwilem.
They were squealing because they wanted to come back in the house.
Kw'ay kw'es itettset osu tu me o xwa kwtaxwt. Su le me ax̲eth sq'o te sta:xwelh.
We couldn't sleep, so we let them in. So they just went to bed with the kids.
Osu eystexwes kw'ses la xixkw'om yutl'olem. Li tetha kw'es iwolems. Yoth kw'es ew iwolems li te qo.
They liked swimming. They were playing there. They liked to play in the water.
Osu la qelqélexwes te siyamtset.
Our boss didn't like them anymore.
Osu olhstem yutl'etl'elom le qesu le xwehi::welestem.
He put them in a boat and took them upriver.
Is tw'a eletse kw'ses kwatem.
I don't know where they let them go
Osu le.. set ulh me... me selolhmet, me ayeles teli tetha.
We moved from there, we left that place.
Ewe lis i hith kw'es e la q'olthet thutl'o siyam qesu, ewlh li o te lalemtset kw'es olmetsels yutl'etl'elom.
It wasn't very long, he came back, they were both waiting at the house.

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