Spáth qes te Slílk'yap
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Receiving a xwélmexw name
Hunting and Naming
How the Robin got his red breast
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Tháyem te Léx̲wtel
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How the chipmunk got its stripes
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Yeláwel éy
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Létse
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Isá:le
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Lhí:xw
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Xwe'ít te swáyel X̲eó'thel
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Xwe'it te swayel Lhq'á:tses
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Ye Spipáth
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Tháyem te seplíl
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Listen to the elder Ts'áts'elex̱wot

Háwe qes kwexals

Íti te swíyeqe qas te iyeyséle swíweles mámeles. Le íwestes kw'es les háwe wiyóth.
there (is) the man and the two boys children.his He showed/taught.them that.they go hunting always
There's a man that used to take his sons, showing them how to hunt every day.
Osu lám yutl’ólem qésu me chxélcha te tl’elqtéle.
and so went they and so (they) caught the deer
So they went out hunting, and they got the deer.
Osu íwestes kw'es ste'as cha kw'es kw'ítsetes te tl'elqtéle sxélches
and so (he) teaches how it will be like that (they) butcher the meat of the deer.
So he showed them how to skin the deer and prepare it.
"Osu hoy qesu lhátlets'et" x̲et'stem yutl'lolem
"so (you) finish and (you) cut it", tell (he) them.
"When you are finished, you've got to cut it up". he told them
"Kw'e xwe'itstexwtset cha kwa?"
will we do what with it?
"What are we going to do with it?"
Osu te thetstem--
and so (he) said
Their dad told them.
“Kway kw’es u ikwela kwelam o", x̱etsexwes "lachexw mamt lam to siyelolexwe”
"(It is) impossible that you keep (it)", (he) tells them, "you go give (it) to the Elders."
"You cannot keep any, you've got to give it away to the elders."
Osu thet ō, qex̲ syoystest qe tset ew lam ó ikw'et x̲et yutl'olem
so (they) said: "Oh, lots (of) work-our and we just go give (it) away" say they.
The boys said "That was a lot of work but we have to give it away".
Halem qesu ley hemamt yutl'lolem
so (they) go and gave (it) away they.
They were going and then they gave it all away.
Ukw' te qe lay ukw' te tl'elqtele.
(it) ran out, or (it) became towards running out, the deer.
The deer was nearly all gone.
Xwe'í q'olhtet thet the tals, “íyolem kw'es kwixetset oxwestset kw'es xwelmexwelh slwixs te mameletset yeyselem swoweles”
so (they) arrived returned and so said DET the mother-their: "It (would be) good that we give a name that (is) their First Nations name (to) our children, two boys."
When he came back, their mother said: "We better give our boys an Indian name".
Kw'átsetes álhtel the siyólexwe shláli
see they an elder woman.
They went to see an elderly woman.
Petámetes “we is iyólem kw'as máythóxw?”
(they) asked her: "Would it be alright if you help us?"
They asked the elderly lady, if she wouldnt mind helping them with an Indian name.
Tl'i kw'els kwíxet thel sweowlesel mámele
want that-I name my boys children.
I want to give my two boys an Indian name.
Emét thútl'ó slhalí tóltes
sat down she woman, she studied/thought.
The elderly lady sat down to think about a name.
Kwélexwes te yéysele skwíx.
(she) found them, two names
She found two names and gave it to them.
"Oxwestes tl’osu lam t’okw thútl’ó qesu thetstexwes te mameles” Ey kw’es sqwalewels yutl’olem.
(she) gave them, and so went home she, and so he told his children "I got some names (which) I give you" and so they were happy (good were their feelings).
"I found two names that I was going to give to your boys" They were happy to get their indian name,

Audio Halq'eméylem English
thétstexw tell him/her/it
yéysele two (counting people)
tá:l mother
chxélcha to catch it (fish, animal)
xwélmexw First Nations person
emét to sit down
swí:qe man, male (creature or plant)
siyólexwe elder
swíweles boy, adolescent boy
íwest to teach, guide someone
kwélexw to get, to have, to catch, to find
máyt to help (him/her)
qéx̲ much, many, a lot
xwe'í arrive, come here
há:we go hunting
tó:lt to learn (it)
kw'átset to look at it
wiyóth always
skwíx name
sta'á to be like
stl'í a want, need
x̲et'e be saying, say
óxwest to give something to someone
petámet to ask (him/her)
slhá:lí woman
tl'elqtéle deer
t'ó:kw' to go home
úkw' to run out, get finished
swówles boys, lots of adolescent boys
lhílhets'et cutting (it)
kw'íkw'etset butchering it, cutting it up
kwíkwexet naming him/her
lam to go
hamámt giving something away
q'ólthet return
hálem be going, be on one's way

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