Spáth qes te Slílk'yap
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Receiving a xwélmexw name
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-- How the Robin got his red breast
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Tháyem te Léx̲wtel
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How the chipmunk got its stripes
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Yeláwel éy
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Létse
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Isá:le
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Xwe'ít te swáyel Lhí:xw
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Xwe'ít te swáyel X̲eó'thel
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Xwe'it te swayel Lhq'á:tses
Weather 5
Ye Spipáth
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Xwe'it te swayel? Lhq'á:tses
Listen to the elder Ts'áts'elex̱wot

Xwe'it te swayel? Lhq'á:tses

Ulh iyothet te spehals
already started the wind
The wind started to blow
Me potem te mekw'stames
(It) came (to be) blown the everything
It blew everything
Osu me timethet te spehals su le me met'tes te theqet
So (it) came to try hard the wind, so it (past) bent the trees
The trees started to bend, because the wind was blowing so hard.
Osu le xwe kw'ese semit mekw' timethet tutl'o spehals
So (it) went (to) become that-it (is) bending.easily everything, (it was) trying hard, he (the) wind
Everything had to bend on account of the wind being so hard.
Osu ew yet hith qesu le osu su ts'ats'el ew xwe xwe qex̲ te spehals
So again (it was) a long time and so very (it) became lots the wind.
It blew so hard.
Osu le yalh s-es le hoy
So [past] only.now it [past] finished.
And then finally it died down, it quit.

Audio Halq’eméylem English
qéx̲ much, many
met'mét easy to bend
yalh as usual, this time, now, the first time
spehá:ls wind
híth for a long time
xwa to become
tútl'ó: he, him
pó:t to blow it
theqá:t tree
iyóthet to start
ts'áts'el very
tíméthet trying, doing something hard
ew again
pehá:ls to blow (of the wind)
hóy be finished, be done
mékw'stám everything

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